Tutorial content related to the Multiplayer Survival Game Template

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Generated Gore Dismemberment Kit

The Generated Gore Dismemberment Kit is a blueprint power marketplace pack that adds the ability to dismember enemies. Unfortunately, it’s current version appears to be limited to singleplayer/client-side events, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play with! In this tutorial, I cover how to get started with setting up the kit to dismember… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Ballistics FX

Ballistics FX is an amazing collection of really good, high quality and visceral impact effects that you can hook up to your gunfire, or anything else really. In this tutorial, I cover how to connect it up to the included weapons in the template, to get your players interacting with your game environment and feeling… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.7

Update is a bugfix build focussing on a number of issues that had largely gone undetected, a few issues as a result of Epic’s undocumented changes in 4.15 as well as a heap of quality of life updates including better commenting, more tooltip descriptions and preparation for more expansion/new features in the coming updates…. read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.6

Update is a bugfix build focussing on some issues that were introduced in the last couple of patches, as well as adding in some extra checks to avoid some errors under specific unlikely scenarios. I’ve also updated the template to 4.15 support – it appears to all be working well enough but I will… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.5

Update is a very minor fix and is now available via Gumroad, and should be updated within Epic’s launcher very soon (pushing this as an urgent update as the marketplace build ALSO contains some bugs that were created by Epic’s staging process, not the template itself). All that is changed in this update for… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.4

Update is a pretty big one with a lot of minor fixes and a decent amount of new things included. Most notably is the ability to use sounds in a lot of different instances. The update is being uploaded to Gumroad as I write this, and Epic have links to the files and should… read more »

Poison System

Poison systems come in many shapes and sizes in survival games. From the radiation system present in games like Rust, to the poisoning in Minecraft. The included poison system in the MSGT is versatile and offers many options in terms of how it can be used. Setup Requirements The poison system requires the player controller… read more »

Oxygen System

With survival games moving into more and more varied locations and environments, a lot of systems that were once used in smaller isolated cases are now being taken in new directions, and in some cases are even becoming major systems. One such example of this is oxygen management. Whereas it used to only be an… read more »

Power System

Survival games can come in a large variety of themes, settings and time periods. Many of them, however, include items such as flashlights, generators, and such that require a power source. The MSGT gives player’s a portable power supply, that can be rigged up to be battery based and even rechargeable, depending on the designers… read more »