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The official documentation and tutorial repository for the Multiplayer Survival Game Template for UE4.

MSGT Update v1.0.0.4

Update is a pretty big one with a lot of minor fixes and a decent amount of new things included. Most notably is the ability to use sounds in a lot of different instances. The update is being uploaded to Gumroad as I write this, and Epic have links to the files and should… read more »

Poison System

Poison systems come in many shapes and sizes in survival games. From the radiation system present in games like Rust, to the poisoning in Minecraft. The included poison system in the MSGT is versatile and offers many options in terms of how it can be used. Setup Requirements The poison system requires the player controller… read more »

Oxygen System

With survival games moving into more and more varied locations and environments, a lot of systems that were once used in smaller isolated cases are now being taken in new directions, and in some cases are even becoming major systems. One such example of this is oxygen management. Whereas it used to only be an… read more »

Power System

Survival games can come in a large variety of themes, settings and time periods. Many of them, however, include items such as flashlights, generators, and such that require a power source. The MSGT gives player’s a portable power supply, that can be rigged up to be battery based and even rechargeable, depending on the designers… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.3

Hey guys. So this update is the first one that is hitting Gumroad but not the marketplace. At Epic’s request, I have to keep marketplace updates to once a week – so the Gumroad version will be receiving updates whenever they happen, and the Marketplace build will get a cumulative update once a week. This… read more »

4.14 Specific Bug Fix – January 26th, 2017

Hey guys. So it appears that, in the process of converting the base development build of the project from 4.13 to 4.14, UE4 has seen fit to cause some issues. I’ve just finished sorting these out and new versions of the 4.14 build (this bug does not impact 4.13 at all) will be available via… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.2

24 hours after the first update was submitted, the second one is being pushed! Should be available via Gumroad in the next couple of hours and on the UE4 marketplace whenever Epic update it (last time was about 15 hours). That’s right, bugfixes galore! (well, not really galore… hasn’t been enough bugs for that…) As… read more »

Blood System

Some survival games make use of more than the standard trio of hunger/thirst/stamina. Some have more advanced systems such as a player blood level. When you get hurt, there’s a chance to bleed. As you reach a state of hypotension (ie. no blood) you then start to lose health rapidly. The MSGT comes with a… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.1

The first update to the MSGT has just been submitted to Epic and will soon be available via Gumroad. In an effort to ensure that it is easy to do the bugfixes yourself, I have included images below to show how to apply changes. Please note that new features will not be covered in this… read more »

Stamina System

A base level statistic that comes into play in most game types, stamina can be used to limit sprint distance, control how often a player can jump, add intensity to combat, and more. In terms of it’s existence within the MSGT, it can be connected to most other systems to penalize players for not managing… read more »