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Games Industry News Site 80.lv Interview

Something a little different to usual, but still relevant to the template at large and definitely worth sharing on this site… I was interviews by 80.lv about Survival Games, and any advice I had to pass on to developers in the genre. If you are unfamiliar with 80.lv, they an excellent news site that focus… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and the EasyBallistics Plugin

Notice: This tutorial has now been updated with a new version, including fixes for the aiming issue. Please see this post for more information.   In an effort to continue supporting the¬†Multiplayer Survival Game Template and it’s versatility with other packs, I’ve taken a request to do an integration tutorial covering how to get the… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Orbit Weather and Seasons

Orbit Weather and Seasons is one of the prettiest systems I’ve seen on the marketplace! Sadly, it’s current version isn’t super multiplayer friendly (more information on that in this post), but that shouldn’t stop anyone wanting to make a singleplayer game, or to put a bit of time into it, utilising it’s absolutely beautiful visuals!… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.7

Update is a bugfix build focussing on a number of issues that had largely gone undetected, a few issues as a result of Epic’s undocumented changes in 4.15 as well as a heap of quality of life updates including better commenting, more tooltip descriptions and preparation for more expansion/new features in the coming updates…. read more »

MSGT Update – Instructions for multicast fix

So I didn’t include any images for the fixes included in the update, simply due to the complexity of these fixes. However, one particular fix is pretty important and I’ve already had several people request instructions for it, so I thought maybe it’d be best to include them here on their own. The issue… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.6

Update is a bugfix build focussing on some issues that were introduced in the last couple of patches, as well as adding in some extra checks to avoid some errors under specific unlikely scenarios. I’ve also updated the template to 4.15 support – it appears to all be working well enough but I will… read more »

MSGT Update v1.0.0.5

Update is a very minor fix and is now available via Gumroad, and should be updated within Epic’s launcher very soon (pushing this as an urgent update as the marketplace build ALSO contains some bugs that were created by Epic’s staging process, not the template itself). All that is changed in this update for… read more »

Video Tutorial – Inventory Systems Overview and Use

One of the most requested video tutorials is how to make new items in the MSGT. I’ve done a reasonably brief tutorial here covering how to make new items, new recipes, hook up books to unlock recipes, and set up chests as well. A much more detailed set of tutorials will eventually be done to… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Ultra Dynamic Sky

So this was a pretty highly requested tutorial, as are tutorials for other third party sky systems such as TruSky and Orbit. Tutorials on both of those systems are in the works and should be done soon as well. For those who don’t know – Ultra Dynamic Sky is a great sky system that you… read more »