This site is dedicated to documentation and tutorials for Dapper Raptor’s debut product, the Survival Game Template for Unreal Engine 4.

The Survival Game Template is a one stop shop, designed to provide you with all major features that are present in modern survival games. Complete with settings and sliders to adjust more or less everything, it is possible to pump out potentially thousands of different sets of mechanics and combinations to get the survival game you always dreamed of. For more on the Survival Game Template, be sure to check it out on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.


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  • Hi Dapper,
    We are noticing its takes Unreal way too long to update the marketplace. is there any way to get a key to download updates directly from you

  • Hey, Does this template has multiplayer server implemented? Like basic multiplayer in which players can host and join servers? And does it also have working weapons? Like firing projectiles etc?

    • Hey there. This definitely has a basic multiplayer setup that will allow you to host a game and have friends join and such. By connecting this up to an online subsystem, such as the Steam network for example, you can expand this to much larger scale servers and so on very easily. The template includes a basic setup for hitscan weapons, such as shotguns, machine guns, pistols, etc. and includes an example of both a shotgun and a automatic rifle.

      For more details on the features included, you can check out the feature list on this site over here: http://survivalgame.site/?page_id=28

  • I have a few systems that I would be more then happy to donate to see them implemented. Actually I have a few hundred. LOL

  • I have bought your Template in the past but I haven’t gotten far. Is it easy to update an existing Survival Template project or do you have to start over and migrate work together with the newest version?

    • Hey there. It really depends on what you have done and added to the template itself. If you have not made changes tot he template blueprints, you can just replace them with the version from the newer ones. If you have added stuff via a child blueprint, you can also just replace the base files. If, however, you have gone in and started to edit the blueprints themselves without using a child version of the files, then you will have to recreate the work you’ve done after updating.

  • Hi Michael

    Really impressed with the content, a steal at the price I paid.

    Quick question, do you think it’d be possible to add like a forum to this website? I have some basic questions but don’t necessarily want to bog you down with them, and I figure they are things others have already worked around.

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