Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Newtonian Advanced Falling and Momentum Damage

Hey guys. All of my stuff is 50% off in the marketplace Summer Sale at the moment, which means that a number of you are asking questions about things like how to integrate my Newtonian Falling and Momentum Damage System pack into the MSGT. Truth be told – this is literally a drag and drop operation as Newtonian is INCREDIBLY easy to set up in your project, but due to popular request, I decided to go ahead and make an integration tutorial on the process anyways, just to cover a few points The entire video, which covers creating the project, adding Newtonian to it, integrating Newtonian, configuring the template health to work with it and testing it, is only 5 minutes long – so I’d recommend taking a look at it if you are at all unsure or on the fence about this one. Cheers!


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