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One of the great things about having an active and vocal community surrounding the MSGT is seeing all the wonderful projects that people are making. I want, wherever possible, to be able to promote some of the best projects and help them get a little more attention. This is, of course, a win-win, as it also acts as great PR for the template for me! With 5 months having passed since the MSGT launched publicly (replacing the single-player build), some projects are really starting to take shape and show off some really nice work by their developers, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more that you guys make. But let’s move on to this spotlight, which is on the excellent looking Just Us.

Just Us is a two player co-op survival game which is focussed not on zombies, or aliens, or outsmarting other humans, but simple on the act of surviving a world in which global warming is no longer argued over by stupid politicians with orange complexions, but instead part of the Earth’s story. Set on a newly-formed island on the surface of Earth, which has now been dramatically altered due to wide-spread flooding, a couple find themselves alone and abandoned by their former neighbours. With some limited skills in fishing, hunting, and such, they have no choice but to work together on simply trying to survive, and perhaps, in time, uncovering the mysteries of what happened to everyone else.

Built upon the Multiplayer Survival Game Template as a base and created by Dry Eel Development, a single man development studio, Just Us looks poised to present a unique setting for a survival games, which have long been obsessed with random country backwoods full of zombies and other odd mutants. With a lot of interesting mechanics such as fishing, farming in a greenhouse, hunting with your pet dog (who can retrieve your kills), dynamic weather systems that impact play, and much more, the amount of progress that the developer has already made in the games short 6 months is astounding, and it all looks to be coming together very nicely in a beautifully realised experience.


Obviously the game is still currently in quite early development, and there is much about it that we don’t know – how is the narrative presented? What will become of the couple? How will they overcome the problems facing them for the long-term story? Dry Eel has been releasing a steady trickle of information, in the form of videos, dev blogs and such, and I would encourage you all to check out the official website for the game over at for more great stuff.



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