Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and BOOM! Explosions Toolkit

With the release of my newest pack on the UE4 Marketplace, BOOM! Explosions Tooklit, I’ve had a number of requests to cover how to correctly integrate it into the template. BOOM! Explosions Toolkit is used to make, as you might have guessed, explosions. Using it, you can set up explosive barrels, grenades, rockets, mines… anything you want that goes boom, with a slew of settings such as leaving behind gas clouds, catching on fire before exploding etc. I’d recommend checking out the trailer if nothing else, and perhaps even giving the playable demo a try ( Win-64 / Mac OSX ).

BOOM! itself is really simple to add to projects, and really is almost entirely drag and drop… However, because sometimes I’m a bit of a muppet, the MSGT damage system is a little backwards (will be addressed in the next update) so there is a tiny bit of work required to get the two to play nicely. Let me know if you have any issues with this 🙂


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  • Hello,
    I have some problems with the integration of this module.
    I have added the various files related to the BOOM! Explosions Toolkit but when I want to add the BP_Boom_Explosion Actor Red I have the following error: “COMPILER ERROR: failed building connection with ‘actor Reference is not compatible with Reference’.
    After checking the file “BP_Boom_ExplosionActor” can not communicate with the file “BP_BoomAfterEffectsActor”.
    BoomExplosion can not compile.
    Several Nod like SpawnActor Actor or the Initialize works this is misleading.
    I tried to find out where the problem came from but I did not find anything.
    Do you have a solution?
    Otherwise good work on this module as well as others!
    Thank you

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