Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and TrueSky

TrueSky is a pretty big deal in the games industry these days. It’s used by a number of AAA developers, such as Ubisoft, and shows up in games like Ark: Survival Evolved. Despite that, it’s price tag makes it reasonably affordable at the indie level. In the video below, we cover the process of getting TrueSky up and running in the MSGT. Please note that there is one small conflict with the post processing outline effect – in the video I cover the process of disabling this effect. If this conflict is resolved at some point I will record an updated version of the tutorial and post it, but for now, unfortunately you will have to choose between the outline and using TrueSky. If you absolutely must have the outline, I would recommend using another system, such as UltraDynamicSky. I have covered the integration process of UltraDynamicSky over here already.

Note: At the 4:20 mark, as pointed out by commenter Eric, I mistakenly say 8,640 for the number to divide the time float by. This should be 86,400, as shown in the video.


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