Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and the Footprints System

There’s a lot of small things you can add to your game that add a lot of immersion… One such thing you can add is a system for players to leave footprints around the world. There are several such systems available on the UE4 marketplace, with the most accessible being the simply titled Footprints System. This adds footstep sounds, as well as footprint decals into the world. Below is a tutorial covering the basic process of integrating the Footprints System into the template. If you have any suggestions or requests for other packs that can be covered in tutorials like this, please be sure to let me know!


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    • Hey, apologies for the delayed reply. Didn’t get a notification!

      You can assign the physics material for a landscape either to the entire landscape itself, or to each individual landscape layer (allowing multiple physics materials for the landscape – one per layer). Super easy 🙂

      Hope that helps!

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