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Something a little different to usual, but still relevant to the template at large and definitely worth sharing on this site… I was interviews by about Survival Games, and any advice I had to pass on to developers in the genre. If you are unfamiliar with, they an excellent news site that focus on the games industry, particularly on the development side of things. There’s all sorts of things you can find on there, from tutorials, to news, to even reviews of things from time to time. It’s a great resource for anyone in the industry, and I strongly recommend visiting it and checking it out for yourself.

In the interview, Kirill asked me a number of questions, ranging from background information about how I got into the industry, through to the main challenges present in survival games, to Unreal Engine specific questions and advice on how to succeed in the genre. I am not going to suggest or pretend that I am any sort of supreme authority on these topics – but it was a lot of fun doing the interview and I think it makes for quite a nice read! So why not take a look?


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