Video Tutorial – Integrating the Enforcer Rig, and other character models, into the MSGT

Continuing the support of the Multiplayer Survival Game Template and in an ongoing effort to demonstrate how easily it can be used to get your own game up and running in no time, I’ve taken another tutorial request – this time integrating the Enforcer Rig character model into the base SurvivalCharacter. This was a tutorial asked for by multiple people in general, and this model come with several seperate armor pieces, so it was a great oppurtunity to also demonstrate how to create armor pickups. So hopefully this is helpful to some of you! As always, if you have any suggestions or requests for other integration tutorials, please feel free to get in touch!


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  • Okay, I got the enforcer kit so that I could follow your tutorial to the letter, and the Weapon Socket doesn’t work with the enforcer skeleton. Once you jump in game and grab a gun it puts it at his feet in another direction, how do you fix this issue?

    • My apologies… I just rewatched the tutorial and it would appear I forgot to cover setting up the weapon socket. Similarly to the Head socket, you just need to position the weapon socket created in the right location. I will re-record the tutorial at some point in the near future.

  • I found the solution that fixes the issue and is much faster. Open the game, go to AI/BP_SGT_NPC_ Example and select a totally different mesh in the viewport and assign the Anim Class SGTAnimBP_C to that new mesh. Then search the mesh you chose, right click on the mesh and select Skeleton then at the drop down Assign Skeleton, in Select Skeleton select SK_SGT_Mannequin_Skeleton, and be sure to save it. Then compile and save BP_SGT_NPC_Example. This works on the character as well as the AI, and is much faster and keeps the weapons working right.

    • Whilst this will work in the case of the enforcer mesh, and in many cases using meshes purchased on the marketplace, it will not work in all cases, and if you are using skeletons from non-ue4 marketplace assets, you will need to retarget and such to avoid issues. The method covered in the video is the correct method for all meshes, as it covers the process of retargetting animations and setting up the sockets on the mesh.

  • I also encountered a strange glitch, when I changed the mesh for the Survivor Character the AI stopped attacking me completely, then when I changed it back and they started working again. Is their attack keyed to the survivor mesh, and if so how do we re-target that? They do follow me, but they only attack eachother, not me?

    • I have had someone else report this issue a few days ago and it’s on my list to investigate. This was not the case in prior versions of UE4 and the MSGT, but I’ll get back to you on this one.

        • Apologies on the ridiculous delay on getting back to you on this one – it would appear that using the Assign Skeleton feature, rather than retargetting, removes the Physics Asset associated with the mesh. As a result, the player mesh effectively has no collision for the AI to detect. One more reason to use retargetting rather than Assign Skeleton XD

          If you jump into your skeletal mesh and go to the Physics properties, you can reassign the physics asset to the one you have, as shown in this screenshot:

          Hope that helps! And again, apologies for the delay 🙁

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