MSGT Update v1.0.0.7

Update is a bugfix build focussing on a number of issues that had largely gone undetected, a few issues as a result of Epic’s undocumented changes in 4.15 as well as a heap of quality of life updates including better commenting, more tooltip descriptions and preparation for more expansion/new features in the coming updates. At this point, the 4.15 build appears to build fine with blueprint nativisation on my machine, but it does appear that the success rate of that process varies from machine to machine and depends a lot on the various versions of Visual Studio files you have installed and so on – I had to go through the process of reinstalling VS to get it to compile with nativisation under 4.15, despite it compiling fine with nativisation under 4.13 and 4.14. Regardless, it should now be safe to move to 4.15. Please note that also marks the end of continued development of the 4.13 build of the template. From here on, the 4.13 version of the MSGT will remain available, and if major game-breaking bugs are found, they will be resolved where possible, but 4.13 will no longer receive new features/additions or minor bug fixes. As a result, the next version of the template will receive a minor version numerical upgrade, making it to signify this change.

Why am I dropping active support for the 4.13 build?

Because of the complex nature of a template like this, with so many systems that work together, I have to actively develop multiple development builds. This means that when it comes time to implement new features and bug fixes, a lot of times, because of Unreal Engine’s unreliable version conversion process, I have to do the process for 4.13, then again for 4.14 and again now for 4.15. Sometimes things can simply be copied over, but most of the time this results in errors. As a result, I will endeavour to always actively work with the current version of UE4, and the one prior, but unless Epic change the conversion process to be more reliable, I will likely only ever run two actively developed builds.

Version Changelog:


  • C_Manager-HUD
    • Removed PrintString from UpdateFeedback event
  • C_Manager-Inventory
    • Added IsValid checks to HotbarWidget references in ToggleInventoryOpen function to avoid accessed none errors if hotbar is disabled
    • Added over encumberance check function called CheckAddition to PickupAction, as well as AddToInventory, to prevent items being picked up if the player’s inventory will end up over the max allowable size AND AllowOverEncumberance is set to false [ Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 ]
    • Fixed issue where Effect2 was using Effect1‘s impact float in UseConsumable logic [ Change ]
    • Added SetUnequip inteface call (new interface message) to UnequipUseable event just before actor is destroyed
  • C_Manager-Movement
    • Made some small changes to improve client performance over high latency connections [ Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 ]
    • Moved view range settings to appropriate variable categories and gave them correct tooltips
  • SurvivalController
    • Renamed “Settings” category to “Multiplayer Survival Game Template” as people were not realising that they were settings associated with the template
  • SurvivalCharacter
    • Set storage variable categories to hidden in ClassSettings to prevent issues that come from setting these manually
    • Set PropagateToChildren to false on SetVisibility node in OnRep_ShowFlashlight to prevent light entitle from being hidden when flashlight is set to hidden
  • MainMenuController
    • Added DestroySesssion node into initialize process to ensure session is correctly destroyed after exiting from map to main menu, allowing players to host again immediately in new sessions
    • Moved all variables out of hidden categories, instead setting them to AdvancedDisplay==True in visible categories. This means that they are now available for manipulate in blueprint graphs without needing to turn Context Sensitive off. NOTE: A possible outcome of this is that this allows these variables to be manually changed, which could result in bugs or unexpected behaviour. If a variable is hidden, it is done so for a good reason so do not change it!
    • Added missing tooltip information
    • Fixed incorrect tooltip information
  • SGT_Harvesting Node, SGT_Workstation, SGT_Useable, SGT_Placeable, SGT_Pickup, BP_SGT_NPC_Example01, BP_AI_RNGLootComponent and Str_SGT_InventoryItem
    • Added missing tooltip descriptions
    • Added missing logic commentation
    • Fixed incorrect tooltip descriptions

4.15 Only Fixes

  • BP_SGT_NPC_Example01 and SurvivalCharacter
    • Changed Mesh collision settings from default Ragdoll settings to a custom version due to Epic’s changing of Ragdoll defaults causing issues with AI interaction, damage, shooting etc.
  • W_SGT_IngameMenu and W_SGT_MainInterface
    • Set Focusable to true to allow these widgets to be automatically focussed upon opening


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