MSGT Update v1.0.0.5

Update is a very minor fix and is now available via Gumroad, and should be updated within Epic’s launcher very soon (pushing this as an urgent update as the marketplace build ALSO contains some bugs that were created by Epic’s staging process, not the template itself).

All that is changed in this update for the Gumroad build is that the harvesting nodes have had the interface BPInt_HarvestingNode associated with them again, as that association dropped off. The two event nodes inside of SGT_HarvestingNode (which is inside of Content/SGT/Blueprints/Actors) SetUses and ExpendEvent will need to be deleted and remade using the interface message calls, rather than events defined by the actor blueprint. Likewise, all interface functions (GetDamageInfo, GetReward, GetToolInfo, GetUses) in the actor blueprint will need output variables connected up to them. These should all be pretty straight forward but I will post images of this later (currently downloading Unreal Engine as I did some file moving and are doing a fresh install).

This is all that is done in the Gumroad build. The marketplace build, however, has a few more changes. For some reason, Epic include two sets of some files in the template, the old versions and the new versions. As such I have fixed this and will be asking them to take special care to the update process this time to ensure this does not happen.

Thanks for your continued support, and if you run into any issues please let me know.


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