MSGT Update v1.0.0.4

Update is a pretty big one with a lot of minor fixes and a decent amount of new things included. Most notably is the ability to use sounds in a lot of different instances. The update is being uploaded to Gumroad as I write this, and Epic have links to the files and should hopefully update the marketplace build in the next day or three. Special thanks goes to Mark Brown who has been very thorough in going through the template and has provided many of the bugs (and even fixes) for this and the last update.

As per usual… and with all future updates… In an effort to ensure that it is easy to do the bugfixes yourself, I have included images below to show how to apply changes. Please note that new features will not be covered in this way as that is a lot more involved usually. Likewise, some fixes cannot really be summed up in a couple of images and as such, if they are just small fixes that are unlikely to cause issue will probably not be documented with images.

Version Changelog:


  • Inventory Manager (C_Manager-Inventory)
    • Added branch checking if EnableCraftingSystem is set to true to crafting events SRV_DrawRecipeList, SRV_UnlockRecipe, SRV_CraftItem and AddFoundItem to ensure that crafting cannot be forced if the crafting system is disabled
  • HUD Manager (C_Manager-HUD)
    • Added validity check to InteractiveTrace to fix access none error when player character is not made using a spring arm [ Before | After ]
  • Health Manager (C_Manager-Health)
    • Added in NOT node for IsDead check in TakeDamage event to ensure health regeneration kicks in again after damage event [ After ]
    • Stopped health regeneration running when it isn’t required in Regeneration even [ After ]
  • Hunger Manager (C_Manager-Hunger)
    • Fixed incorrect and missing tooltip information/function descriptions
  • Oxygen Manager (C_Manager-Oxygen)
    • Fixed issue preventing oxygen recovery from kicking in when the player returned to an oxygenated zone but was asphyxiating
  • Body Temperature Manager (C_Manager-BodyTemperature)
    • Added in node to set LimitStamina-Hypothermia to false in Initialize function to ensure that if no stamina manager was found on the player controller, there would be no access none errors [ After ]
  • Stamina Manager (C_Manager-Stamina)
    • Added additional DecayActive state check into UpdateStamina to stop recovery happening when stamina is being drained [ After ]
  • SGT Component Parent (SGTComponent)
    • Fixed NoStaminaManager being set incorrectly in multi-use function CommonComponents (was false, needed to be true) [ After ]
  • Example Controller (SurvivalController)
    • Removed obsolete Event KillPlayer as it was no longer in use (Important: Event SetKillPlayer is used, do not remove that one)
  • Example Character (SurvivalCharacter)
    • Added tag “IgnoreMe” to sphere collision component CameraCollision, which was then used to prevent this component from triggering volume overlaps as well as the player mesh
  • Base Container Example (SGT_Container)
    • Fixed example instance in level of this actor having an empty array entry, which caused a few small glitches
  • Inventory Items Data Table (DT_SGT_Items)
    • Removed example item Tool_InformationBook as the new changes to the book items and recipe unlock system render it obsolete and needlessly complicated


  • Changed UI systems so that the main inventory panel is hidden when reading books to allow for a more immersive player experience and less UI clutter
  • Changed Damage_Statistical to be CausedByWorld in settings to allow for more accurate damage type use and better integration with other products (such as Generic Shooter)
  • Changed weapon fire sounds to be location based, rather than universal, as well as use the new SoundOnUse variable to allow unique sounds for each weapon more easily
  • Correctly set access specifiers for all components, allowing better use of the parent-child actor component relationship for template extension

New Features

  • Added ability to use sounds for item use, dropping, destroying, equipping and unequipping based on variables defines in DT_SGT_Items
  • Added sounds for player actions: craft item, pickup item, place item in world, and move item between player and container (and vice versa)
  • Added sounds for container open/close which are defined per container instance
  • Added ReadOnlyBooks variable to C_Manager-Inventory, allowing ability to make books interactive items that can be read but not picked up
  • Added ability to natively unlock any number of recipes using books
  • Added player notification of recipe unlocks via feedback widget
  • Added built-in volumes for oxygen system – use works both in majority and minority oxygen free environments, toggling the opposing effect in each case
  • Added configurable built-in volumes for poisoning the player
  • Added NightSkylightIntensity variable to C_Manager-TimeOfDay, allowing a minimum level of ambient light at night to be controlled
  • Added ability to limit the number of items that can be stored within a container


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