MSGT Update v1.0.0.3

Hey guys. So this update is the first one that is hitting Gumroad but not the marketplace. At Epic’s request, I have to keep marketplace updates to once a week – so the Gumroad version will be receiving updates whenever they happen, and the Marketplace build will get a cumulative update once a week. This means that if updates come more than once a week, then Gumroad will get them in drips, whilst the marketplace will get one big one with all the updates combined. The marketplace will not be missing out, just a little slower. This isn’t really my ideal scenario, but I have to work within Epic’s specifications so sadly, not a lot I can do.

As per usual… and with all future updates… In an effort to ensure that it is easy to do the bugfixes yourself, I have included images below to show how to apply changes. Please note that new features will not be covered in this way as that is a lot more involved usually. Likewise, some fixes cannot really be summed up in a couple of images and as such, if they are just small fixes that are unlikely to cause issue will probably not be documented with images.

Version Changelog:


Please note that the fixes made to C_Manager-TimeOfDay will not be documented with images due to the amount of logic involved. It is recommended to replace the old component with the new one if the bugs mentioned impact your project.

  • Time of Day Manager (C_Manager-TimeOfDay)
    • Added variables for Azimuth and Altitude, used to control sun rotation
    • Changed method of controlling sun rotation from vector curve track to float curve track for pitch, and using variables Azimuth and Altitude
    • Fixed issue with day length calculation providing slightly inaccurate results
    • Fixed issue with GetNightState not correctly determining night state if start time is set to a time after midnight but before sunrise
    • Fixed missing reference in night state detection function GetNightState
    • Fixed issue where sunrise and sunset were not actually changing the time that the sun rose or set. The sun will not cross the horizon at sunrise and sunset as expected
  • BPInt_InventoryUI
    • Added new event called StopSplit. No inputs/outputs required
  • W_SGT_Inventory
    • Added the StopSplit event from BPInt_InventoryUI (detailed above) and set up a string of nodes to force the split operation to cancel correctly [ After ]
  • C_Manager-Inventory
    • Fixed boolean state set within CheckWorkstation that was preventing crafting benches from being useable [ After ]
    • Added reference to StopSplit at end of ToggleInventoryOpen to force splitting operation to end if inventory widget is closed [ After ]
    • Fixed duplication glitch in SwitchInventory that allowed players to transfer entire full stacks of items by specifying that they wanted to transfer a partial stack [ After ]
  • Cleaned up several functions (no changes made) that had messy logic

New Features

  • Added ability to open crafting panel by interacting with workstations
  • Added ability to specify the player’s starting inventory
  • Added ability to specify a list of recipes the player has access to on start of the game, rather than all recipes needing to be unlocked


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