4.14 Specific Bug Fix – January 26th, 2017

Hey guys. So it appears that, in the process of converting the base development build of the project from 4.13 to 4.14, UE4 has seen fit to cause some issues. I’ve just finished sorting these out and new versions of the 4.14 build (this bug does not impact 4.13 at all) will be available via Gumroad and the UE4 marketplace shortly, but in the meantime, or if you have already started extending the template, you can apply the fix yourself using the steps below. Please noteif you are working on 4.13 and decide to update at ANY TIME you will likely need to apply this fix, as the issue is a result of UE4’s automatic conversion process, not actually the template files itself.

Bug Description

Upon opening the struct files Str_SGT_Loottable, Str_SGT_Cooldown and Str_SGT_InventoryEntry, UE makes some changes on it’s own to the structs and requires saving. Both saving changes and ignoring them results in disconnected inputs in several blueprints that will prevent the system from working and will give error feedback on attempting to play in editor.

Steps to Fix

Open the 4.14 project. Navigate to Content/SGT/Blueprints/Data/Inventory/Structures. Open Str_SGT_LootTable and Str_SGT_Cooldown. IMPORTANT: Do not open any other structures at this point.

Make no changes to these two open structures, but save them. Close your project and save everything that it tells you needs saving.

Open the project up and navigate to Content/SGT/Blueprints/Data/Inventory/Structures. Open Str_SGT_InventoryEntry. Make no changes to this structure, but save it. Try to play the project in editor. You should receive an error stating:

One or more blueprints has an unresolved compiler error, are you sure you want to Play in Editor?


IMPORTANT: If, at this stage, your error reads something different to this, please let me know and do not continue with this fix.

If you received this error as is, click no. Navigate to Content/SGT/Blueprints/Components and open the file C_Manager-Inventory. Click “Compile“. You should get several errors (I got 7). Click on each one and check if there are any blueprint connections missing. If they are missing – make these connections again. They should be connections involving either inventory arrays, or the EntryData input. Please note that not all the errors will actually be missing input – this is okay. Once you have fixed them all, save this blueprint and close it.

Next step is to navigate to Content/SGT/Blueprints/Game/SurvivalController and click compile. You should receive a single error. Click on the link in the error and reconnect DeathInventory to ContainerInventory. Save and close this blueprint.

Finally, navigate to Content/SGT/Blueprints/AI and open the file BP_AI_RNGLootComponent. Click compile. You should receive a single error. Click on the link in the error and reconnect Inventory to ContainerInventory. Save and close the blueprint.

Additional Steps

A couple of template users have actually reported a few more disconnections in the blueprints. These may or may not happen in your project. The steps to find and fix these connections are as follows:

Inside of W_SGT_Slot_Inventory (which can be found in Content/SGT/Blueprints/InventoryUI/CommonElements), on the Event SetSlotData node, reconnect the InventoryData input to the InventoryData set variable. Inside of the GetSlotData function, connect the InventoryData variable to the InventoryData output. Save and close this blueprint.

Inside of C_Manager-Inventory, open the function UseAction and reconnect the ActiveCooldowns array to the ForEachLoopWithBreak node. Inside of the CooldownUpdate function, reconnect the ActiveCooldowns array to the ReverseForEachLoopWithBreak node. Inside of the SwapSlots function, reconnect InvData1 to the input on UpdateSelection (the final node).

End of Additional Steps

At this point, close the entire project and allow UE to save all changes. The update should now be applied and you should no longer receive errors on play. If you still receive errors, please ensure you have reconnected all the blueprint connections in C_Manager-Inventory and the other mentioned blueprints. If this does not resolve the issue please reach out to me via this link and provide as much information as possible. An updated build for 4.14 will be available on Gumroad later today and via the marketplace as soon as Epic update the files.


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  • This worked for fixing the issue, but no matter how many times I compile and save each time I go back into my project I have to reconnect the broken links in the survivalcontroller as well as the RNGLootComponent.

    • Hey David. Can I ask if you have edited any of the blueprint struct files at all? It sounds like you’ve been hit by the structure bug that UE4 has, as mentioned in the readme blueprint tutorial included in the template. This bug is incredibly annoying (I myself have lost days to it) but is unfortunately out of my control, due to it being something that happens in the engine. You can try simply deleting and replacing the nodes that keep disconnecting, as this sometimes resolves the issue. If not, please feel free to email me or contact via http://support.dapperraptor.xyz and I can try and offer some solutions. That said, if you are still early on in your project and haven’t extended the template too much, it might actually be best to simply replace the template files with a fresh version once Epic update it on the marketplace (should hopefully be later today).

      • Yes, I am still early enough in the project I can replace. Thank you for the response, as always great support and a great asset.

        • No worries David, and thank you for the kind words. As Epic haven’t updated the marketplace files yet, and it is now the weekend, if you like you are more than welcome to contact me directly via email and I can sort out the fix for you in the meantime 🙂 Obviously, if you have the Gumroad build, or you are happy to wait until Epic update the files, you can disregard this.

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