MSGT Update v1.0.0.2

24 hours after the first update was submitted, the second one is being pushed! Should be available via Gumroad in the next couple of hours and on the UE4 marketplace whenever Epic update it (last time was about 15 hours). That’s right, bugfixes galore! (well, not really galore… hasn’t been enough bugs for that…) As with last time… and with all future updates… In an effort to ensure that it is easy to do the bugfixes yourself, I have included images below to show how to apply changes. Please note that new features will not be covered in this way as that is a lot more involved usually. Likewise, some fixes cannot really be summed up in a couple of images and as such, if they are just small fixes that are unlikely to cause issue will probably not be documented with images.

Version Changelog:


  • Time of Day Manager (C_Manager-TimeOfDay)
    • Fixed system not detecting nightstate correctly on first run in GetNightState [ After ]
    • Fixed world temperature system not being initialized on first run in StartTemperatureCycle [ After ]
    • Fixed day/night cycle not being initialized correctly on first run in StartTimeOfDay [ After ]
    • Added logic to ensure that both day/night and temp run correctly on client in Event Initialize [ After ]
    • Gave all settings in manager correct tooltip descriptions
  • Inventory Manager (C_Manager-Inventory)
    • Changed input ColumnLimit on DrawInventory nodes in both ToggleContainerView and UpdateContainerView from magic number input (6) to use setting GridColumns for better/easier customisation of inventory UI widgets (container view will maintain same setting as main inventory grid now)
    • Added text notification feedback on salvage (DestroyInventoryItem) and crafting (CraftInventoryItem) events [ Crafting | Salvaging ]

New Features

  • Added ability to force consistent time of day speed despite DayPercent setting as it was a little difficult, in some cases, to calculate this properly.
  • Added ability to limit salvaging for individual items to only work when using specific workstations. This is set in the DT_SGT_Salvaging data table and is set on a per-item basis.


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