MSGT Update v1.0.0.1

The first update to the MSGT has just been submitted to Epic and will soon be available via Gumroad. In an effort to ensure that it is easy to do the bugfixes yourself, I have included images below to show how to apply changes. Please note that new features will not be covered in this way as that is a lot more involved usually. Likewise, some fixes cannot really be summed up in a couple of images and as such, if they are just small fixes that are unlikely to cause issue will probably not be documented with images.

Version Changelog:


  • Time of Day Manager (C_Manager-TimeOfDay)
    • Added two new functions, ThirdPartyInitialize and ThirdPartyUpdate to make using third party systems easier.
      • ThirdPartyInitialize runs on startup (Initialize) if UseCustomSystem is enabled and can be used to initialize any required vars for the third party sky system [ Before | After ]
      • ThirdPartyUpdate runs on every day/night cycle update (UpdateTimeOfDay) and can be used to update time of day settings in the third party sky system  [ After ]
    • Fixed minor issues with third party systems
      • Changed night state to be determined based on time and it’s relation to Sunrise and Sunset, rather than the sun’s rotation [ Before | After ]
      • Added third party check to CalculateParameters [ After ]
    • Fixed delay on time of day update on initialize by adding UpdateTimeOfDay call before timer starts within StartTimeOfDay [ After ]
  • Inventory Component (C_Component-Inventory)
    • Fixed Inventory not clearing on death by adding Clear node to inventory Initialize/Reinitialize event [ After ]
  • Survival Controller (SurvivalController)
    • Fixed inventory not being lootable due to Inventory Component change outlined above by changing storing inventory before reset (Event SetKillPlayer / KillPlayer) and using the stored version for lootable in DeathSwitch function [ After (KillPlayer) | After (DeathSwitch) ]
  • SGT Master Component (SGT_Component)
    • Changed input type on Initialize from SurvivalController to PlayerController to allow easier use of custom controllers.
  • Removed casting node in in-game widget (W_SGT_IngameMenu) and replaced with interface message to remove any chance of casting issues (should be none anyway) [ After ]
  • Removed Radial Blur post processing blendable from post processing component in SurvivalController as it causes crashes on Mac computers on play. If you want to use this effect, all the logic to use it is still in tact, you just need to add it to the post processing component as a blendable again.

New Features

  • Added regenerative health capability to C_Manager-Health. Includes ability to turn it on/off, set the regeneration amount and a delay so that regeneration stops for x amount of time when players are hurt.
  • SGT_Container: Added ability to set a specific loot set for the example AI character. Example AI used in the SurvivalMap level are still configured to use randomized loot.
  • BP_SGT_NPC_Example01: Added ability to randomize loot within containers/chests using lootable classes. Containers in demo world do not use this fucntion and are based on the old container (ie. set loot only)


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