Tutorial content related to the Multiplayer Survival Game Template

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Interactive Foliage

The Interactive Foliage system enables you to be interactive with your Foliage. Useful when combined with an Inventory and crafting system for gathering resources, it is also very performance friendly since it only replaces the instance that you interact with. So… here’s a tutorial covering it’s integration into the template!

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Generated Gore Dismemberment Kit

The Generated Gore Dismemberment Kit is a blueprint power marketplace pack that adds the ability to dismember enemies. Unfortunately, it’s current version appears to be limited to singleplayer/client-side events, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play with! In this tutorial, I cover how to get started with setting up the kit to dismember… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and BOOM! Explosions Toolkit

With the release of my newest pack on the UE4 Marketplace, BOOM! Explosions Tooklit, I’ve had a number of requests to cover how to correctly integrate it into the template. BOOM! Explosions Toolkit is used to make, as you might have guessed, explosions. Using it, you can set up explosive barrels, grenades, rockets, mines… anything… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and Ballistics FX

Ballistics FX is an amazing collection of really good, high quality and visceral impact effects that you can hook up to your gunfire, or anything else really. In this tutorial, I cover how to connect it up to the included weapons in the template, to get your players interacting with your game environment and feeling… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and TrueSky

TrueSky is a pretty big deal in the games industry these days. It’s used by a number of AAA developers, such as Ubisoft, and shows up in games like Ark: Survival Evolved. Despite that, it’s price tag makes it reasonably affordable at the indie level. In the video below, we cover the process of getting… read more »

Video Tutorial – Integrating MSGT and the Footprints System

There’s a lot of small things you can add to your game that add a lot of immersion… One such thing you can add is a system for players to leave footprints around the world. There are several such systems available on the UE4 marketplace, with the most accessible being the simply titled Footprints System. This adds… read more »