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Thirst System

One of the most common mechanics used to power survival games, thirst requires players to constantly seek out water to avoid eventual death-by-dehydration. Simple, but when implemented in meaningful ways it can have your players scrambling for every drop of water, trying to maintain body temperature to keep their thirst down, and more. Like most… read more »

Hunger System

A staple of survival game mechanics, hunger requires players to find and eat food in order to stop themselves starving to death. An incredibly simple mechanic, when used correctly it can be a powerful motivation of the gameplay loop and direct players to always be considering their actions with this in mind. Used poorly, it… read more »

Player Health Manager

At the root of a lot of aspects of a survival game is the player’s health value. Used to control their life/death state, and to give important to systems such as hunger and thirst, the health system included in the MSGT is simple and effective. Included with it is a falling damage system that allows… read more »

Time of Day Cycle

The time of day cycle included in the MSGT is versatile, easy to customise and completely ready to be hooked up to external/third party day/night cycles. It includes a clock, to help your players track in-game events and cycles, a dynamic world-temperature cycle, settings to control the day/night ratio and speed, and much more. By… read more »

Extensive feature list made public!

Well, the template has been live for a couple of days now on Gumroad. Still no word on when Epic will make it available on the marketplace, but hopefully that will be before the end of the week! Please try and be a little patient with this if you are a customer of ┬áthe template… read more »

Multiplayer Survival Game Template Released!

  And just like that, it was released! After a long, long, looooong set of delays, I’ve just pushed the ‘publish’ button on Gumroad! Epic Game have an email sitting in their inbox with all the details, so it’ll only be a matter of time until that gets pushed to the marketplace. I just want… read more »